For Staff

The Arts & Letters resources page is a great tool for staff.  Our goal is to move away from so many emails and instead create a central location for communication, initiatives, important reminders and college policies.  The "For Staff" page will feature upcoming staff events and important reminders based on the time of year.  If you have suggestions on what we should add on this page, please reach out to Ashley Zingo!



Adding a Resource

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Additional Pays

Payment for work performed outside of an employee's primary job responsibilities

Basic Expectations of Non-Exempt Staff

Standard schedules, leave policies, responsibilities

Building Access

Card access, building hours, keys

Building Services

Office cleaning and custodial services

Business Cards

How to order from Express Press


System overview, access request form, training information

Campus Mail

Best practices for sending and receiving mail on campus.

Communications, Marketing, & Design

Publicity guide, marketing resources, print materials order form


Reimbursements, meeting cards, procards, relocation information

Conductor Assistance and Help

Submit a question about your website issue.

Conference Rooms

How to schedule A&L spaces for meetings and events

Contact Information

College directory, google groups

Contracts and MOUs

Agreements with external entities or between parties internal to the University

CRM Solutions

Contacts Relationship Management Solutions

Data Management & Storage Solutions

Shared files, Google Drive, Box


Access to Notre Dame's Enterprise Data Warehouse

Department Administrator Resources

Frequently used resources and how-to guides

Drugs and Alcohol

Overview of the policies related to the use and serving of alcohol

Editing and Maintaining ND websites

Overview videos for the Conductor website management system

Employee Feedback

Opportunities for our staff to share feedback in a variety of ways

Equipment Rental for Academic Use

AV checkout, laptops, technology & other miscellaneous equipment

Event Calendars

There are three centralized A&L event calendars to streamline scheduling of large events and minimize overlap

Events & Conferences

Venues, catering options, equipment rental

Exit Checklist for Faculty

For those faculty who are leaving the University

Exit Checklist for Staff

How to off-board employees leaving the university

Facilities Information for Chairs

Frequently asked questions about academic space

Faculty Administrative Supplements and Summer Salary Payments

Payments for approved administrative appointments or scholarly work during the summer

Faculty Hiring: FAQ

Regular, non-regular, concurrent, emeritus & visitor

Faculty Hiring: Non-Regular

Guidelines for hiring teaching assistants, adjunct faculty, postdocs, and visitors

Faculty Hiring: Non-Regular Resources

Appointment Letters, Inbound and MOU Agreements, and Examples

Faculty Hiring Resource: Interfolio

Conducting Faculty Searches with Interfolio

Faculty Hiring Resource: OnBase

OnBase Information

Faculty Hiring Resource: Provost's Office

Faculty Administration Support and Training (FAST)

Faculty Hiring: Summer Session

How to hire and build jobs for summer classes

Faculty Separations

For non-regular faculty who will not be returning or T/TT & TPAC faculty who resign or retire

Faculty Visa Information

Form I-9, H-1B process, restrictions, advertising requirements

Family and Medical Leaves (FMLA)

For faculty or staff requesting leave

FileMaker - "Teaching Schedule" Training

In this short video, David Klawiter from ALCO describes and demonstrates the Teaching Schedule process.

Finance Overview

Regularly used tools, where to start, access needed

Financial Compass

Budgeting and forecasting tool

Financial Toolkit

Depostis, LDCs, JVs and Payment Requests


Request furniture acquisition, repair, relocation, or removal

General Services & Work Order Requests

Furniture moves, event set ups, facilities & maintenance


Web-based application providing easy access to financial information

Graduate Coordinator Resources

Policies, forms, tools & links

Hosting Political Candidates or Elected Officials

Guidelines regarding invitations to speak visit campus

How to bookmark a webpage

Quick tips on how to bookmark a page on the most-used browsers

Labor Distributions

How salaries are charged to university funds, LDCs

Library Carrels

Process and policies for reserving study space

Meeting Minute Resources

Resources on how to take effective meeting minutes

Office Prep for Faculty

How to ready vacant offices for incoming faculty

Payroll & UltraTime

Tracking hours, assigning supervisors, add pay forms

Personnel Actions (PAF)

How to submit PAFs to build jobs, edit jobs, or submit separations


Configure and use office phones

PI Portal

Tool to manage information about proposals submitted, awards received, and expenditures on sponsored funds.

Postdoctoral Appointments

5+1 Program & Postdocs


FedEx Office

Promotion Process

Promotion Packets for all TPAC and Research faculty are due to the Dean's office by the first Friday in October.

Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion for Tenure-Track Faculty

Best practices, CRPT meetings, external letters, organization plans, packets, checklists, timeline


How to recycle on campus

Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step 1

Search authorization approval, creating & removing postings

Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step 2

Conducting a search, formulating lists, conducting interviews

Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step 3

Offer letters, review and approval

Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step 4

OnBase Hiring Packet and Approval

Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step by Step

Overview of how to do the faculty hiring process


Construction projects, ASM requests

Signage & Posters

Nameplates, office IDs, wayfinding, poster guidelines

Spending Policy

Guidance on R&PD spending, meals and entertainment, book manuscript workshops, and honoraria expenses

Staff Hiring

Replacements, new positions, FAQs

Staff Onboarding

Orientation, first-day experience, training guides

Staff Performance Evaluations

Overview of performance management in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Self-Assessment

Overview of the self evaluation process in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Setting Goals

Recording & approving expectations in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Supervisor Process

Overview of the manager's employee review process eNDeavor

Staff Recognition and Appreciation

WOWs, annual awards, supervisor nominated awards

Staff Remote Policy

Expectations and guidelines for working from home

Staff Separations

Staff retirements and resignations

Staff Training and Development

A&L training offerings, suggested HR courses


Guidance on the use and acknowledgement of contributions

Student Employees

How to hire, train, & manage student workers; Student Jobs tools

Style guidelines for crossposting stories

Before publishing the story, follow this checklist first

Supervisor Nominated Staff Awards

Overview of the two awards available for supervisors to nominate staff for

Technology Contact Information

Common technology related contact information.

Technology FAQ

Purchasing, training resources, equipment moves, contact info

Technology Purchasing

Purchasing guidance, TPA form, CWP program

Technology Security

Links to resources about technology security for endpoints (laptops and desktops) as well as enterprise security standards and practices.

Technology Training

Courses offered by OIT

Temporary Staff Hiring Process

For hiring on-call employees

Timelines for Reappointments for TPAC and Research Faculty

Timelines for review and reappointment of TPAC faculty members are tied to rank. Contracts are issued for periods of one, three, and five years.

Undergraduate Coordinator Resources

Policies, forms, tools & links

University Branding

Use of colors, logos, and images in communications materials