Staff Performance Evaluations: Setting Goals

Goal setting does not have to be hard.  In fact, it can be quite fun! In the first quarter of the fiscal year, or within the first 90 days of employment, the employee and immediate manager meet to discuss and establish the employee’s Expectations and Development Plan as part of Step 1 in the Performance Review Process. The objective is for the employee and manager to understand and agree on what the employee is expected to accomplish over the course of the fiscal/academic year and what development activities the employee will pursue. 

The Office of Human Resources Knowledge Hub has provided some useful information on how to get started:

  1. Endeavor Overview
  2. Recording expectations in Endeavor
  3. Notre Dame's Performance Review Process

Goal Format

Goals in Endeavor should be SMART
S - Specific (we know exactly what success looks like)
M - Measurable (complete or not complete is clear)
A - Attainable (that yes you can do it!)
R - Realistic & Relevant (meet the needs of the organization)
T - Time Bound (a "by when")

Goal Framework

  • Department Related
    • Objectives related to the department’s goals and plans, strategic projects, and end results
    • Ex: Create a process for scheduling events in the Malloy Chapel (such as celebrants and sacristans) to create a more seamless experience for the user by February 2023.

  • Functional Performance
    • Objectives related to a functional part of your position
    • Ex: Learn Emma so I can assist in creating communication emails

  • Learning
    • Objectives related to continuous improvement, talent and succession planning, etc.
    • Ex: In the spirit of Study Everything, Do Anything: Participate in 4 of the "Time Out for Tech" Classes within OIT.
  • My Leadership
    • Objectives related to manager development and leading others
    • Ex: To strengthen management skills, attend Better Conversations Everyday by January 2024.

  • Culture
    • Focused on enhancing the A&L Culture
    • Ex: Submit a WOW form once a month for a colleague.
    • Ex: Attend Peer Group Discussions to build relationships across the College.

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