Relocating or Removing Existing Furniture

  • To have furniture moved, please submit a request to General Services
  • Furniture removal within a building (moving something from an office to a storage room) can also be handled by General Services
  • To have furniture removed from a building, please submit a work order request to ND Surplus

Acquiring Additional Furniture

  • Any additional items needed will have to be purchased by the department or faculty member; The college does not purchase items beyond those provided in the standard setup.  
  • Furniture purchased using College funds (including R&PD) remains the property of the University
  • If the item you want is part of the standard furniture for the building, contact the Operations Program Manager to check for availability in building storage.  There is no guarantee that the item you want will be available.
  • You may acquire previously used furniture from ND Surplus  

How to Purchase New Office Furniture

  • If you are looking to purchase new items or redesign existing space, contact the Operations Program Manager
  • Business Furnishings is the preferred furniture vendor on campus

How to Purchase a New Desk Chair

  • Visit the Business Furnishings showroom in Room 1059 of the Notre Dame Maintenance Center.
  • They are open Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm (no appointment necessary).
  • If a new chair is needed for medical reasons, please contact the Dean’s Office

Furniture Repair

Most furniture purchased through Business Furnishings is under warranty. Contact the Operations Program Manager to schedule a service call for any broken furniture.

For issues with an adjustable height desk, please review the troubleshooting guide. Synchronization will solve most issues.