Undergraduate Coordinator Resources

The following is a list of resources found necessary for the role of undergraduate coordinator. Most information can be found by searching on the Office of the Registrar's website and/or accessed through InsideND. Access and training are required for many of the applications, and can be requested through the Registrar staff.

Academic Course Management (ACM)

  • This tool is used for course creation and the application of course attributes through the Core Curriculum Committee. Details on ACM can be found here.


  • In the undergraduate coordinator role, Banner is used primarily for student course overrides. 


  • BuyND is the procurement system for the purchasing of office supplies, as well as many other departmental needs. 

Buildings and Rooms

College Seminar (CSEM)

  • The Arts and Letters College Seminar is a unique one-semester interdisciplinary course in which students and faculty explore a significant question on such topics as faith, reason, and identity while developing students’ speaking skills.
  • For questions concerning CSEMs, contact Kelly Huth, located in the Dean's office, 100 O'Shaughnessy Hall, or at 631-9468.


  • This is the scheduling application through which all courses are entered for registration. Training is offered through the Registrar's office by contacting Rochelle Jones, Asst. Registrar, Academic Services. Additional resources regarding courses, including online tutorials and training can be found through the above-titled link.
  • When canceling a course in Courseleaf, be sure to also submit the Course Cancellation Form.


  • For creating/processing forms required for various reasons by the Registrar’s Office: Add/Drop, Audit, Cross-list Section, Credit Hr, Title Change, Final Exam Conflict, Separation from the University, Summer Session Discontinuance, and Transfer Course Pre-Approval.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

  • All staff (and student workers) coming in contact with student records must comply with FERPA rules, by completing a FERPA tutorial found in InsideND.
  • For questions or comments please contact Lora Spaulding, Assistant Registrar, at 574-631-6967 or spaulding.1@nd.edu.

Financial Toolkit

  • This is comprised of online administrative tools used to process journal vouchers, deposits, payments, and labor distribution changes. Used to pay outside vendors, award checks, visiting lecturers, etc.


  • A web-based application providing easy access to financial information, such as a departmental undergraduate fund. Can be used to see a ledger for budgeting (such as graduation ceremony expenses, student assistant funds, etc.)

Graduation & Commencement

  • Graduation Progress System (GPS) - This is the application within InsideND that documents the student's course details, documenting their progress towards graduation. Contact Sarah Eiler to complete training through the Registrar's Office. 
  • Grad Admin is an application within InsideND through which students are approved for graduation. This is typically done mid-Fall and mid-Spring based on an email request from the Registrar's office. Your DUS can instruct you on how this process is handled per your individual department. Questions can be directed to Amy Jennings in the Registrar's office. 
  • University commencement information can be accessed on the Registrar's website.

Digital Signage (Korbyt)

  • Korbyt is the name of Notre Dame's digital sign vendor. If your department is equipped with a digital sign, contact Shelly Birkla with ServiceNow for access and training. She will also include you in a group that allows you to share your event postings with other departments, and they in turn are able to share with you.
  • Designs created for use in digital signage should be 1080x1920 px or 1920x1080 px in size

Online Photo

  • Available for faculty and staff only through InsideND, Online Photo provides online class lists with ID pictures. Lists of specific student classifications within a major can be accessed for emailing purposes through this application. 

Shipping and Printing

  • For the creation of a Notre Dame FedEx or UPS user profile, contact Jonathan Hall with Procurement Services. For further primary user maintenance, contact JP Sokol.
    • Instructions for shipping with UPS.
    • Instructions for shipping with FedEx.
      • For FedEx printing services, you can also contact the ND branch in LaFortune Student Center by calling 631-6671 or emailing with your order details. You will need your name and ND id, as well as the FOAPAL to which the order is to be charged.

Standard Class Times

Student Jobs

  • Used for the hiring of student assistants, research assistants, etc.  
  • This system can be accessed by visiting InsideND and then clicking on the Student Jobs Hiring Tool
  • For additional guidance and information, including current student pay rates, can be found on the Student Jobs Resources page in InsideND.

Student Support & Care

The Student Health and Wellness Unit is pleased to share the Red Folder Initiative, designed to provide resources and information for faculty, staff, and administrators as you support students in distress.

Term Codes


  • This is Notre Dame's travel and expense system. Contact Procurement Services at travel@nd.edu or at 631-4289, for training or questions.

University Seminar (USEM)

  • A USEM is a course required of all first-year students.  Advising deans in the First Year of Studies office work with the incoming first-year students guiding them towards these course offerings. These are smaller-sized, writing-intensive courses, taught by regular faculty, and cover a wide breadth of topics and interests. More details are noted here.
  • For questions concerning USEMs, contact Kelly Huth, located in the Dean's office, 100 O'Shaughnessy Hall,  or at 631-9468.