Event Calendars

The College of Arts and Letters has three event calendars that are meant to both communicate important upcoming events and minimize event overlap. All staff should be subscribed to the A&L administrative calendar, tentative events calendar, and confirmed events calendar in Google Calendar. If you do not have access to these calendars, please reach out to Ashley or Bridget to get access. 

How to use the tentative and confirmed calendars

Tentative events calendar

The tentative events calendar is meant to allow units to see when other teams might be considering hosting an event. These holds can range from multiple possible dates under consideration for an event to events that you are actively in the process of finalizing but might be subject to change. You should add events to the tentative events calendar as soon as you have potential dates in mind. 

Once a date and time has been finalized, the event should be moved to the confirmed events calendar as soon as possible and other potential times that weren't chosen should be deleted. 

Confirmed events calendar

The confirmed events calendar is meant to house events that are set to happen at a specific date and time. Care should be taken to avoid scheduling multiple events with anticipated large and overlapping audiences at the same time or even in close time to one another and this and the tentative events calendar should be used regularly to confirm there aren't conflicting items on the college schedule. 

A&L administrative calendar

The A&L administrative calendar is used to share the key events and deadlines within the College of Arts and Letters. Staff generally do not have access to add to or edit the administrative calendar but should regularly check the calendar for key dates, deadlines, and holidays as they plan events in their unit.  Add this to Google Calendar.

College Calendars


University Calendar

Faculty and staff may submit events to the university calendar via their Conductor site.  Visit events.nd.edu for more information.


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