Building Access

Allison Collins, Operations Program Manager

Card Access

For card access, contact the Operations Program Manager (do not submit a work order request).  The Dean’s Office has the ability to grant card access to the following buildings:

  • Clinical Studies Building
  • Decio
  • Flanner
  • Jenkins-Nanovic
  • Malloy
  • O’Shaughnessy
  • Riley
  • West Lake

If you have a request for more than 3 people, please input all information into this spreadsheet before submitting your request.

How to access buildings

In most locations, cards are now read via proximity instead of swipe.  Hold your card in front of the keypad.  When the reader recognized your card, it will beep and start flashing.  At that point, you will enter your PIN if needed.  The default 4-digit code is the month and year of your birthday.


Contact the Operations Program Manager to request keys or for help identifying keys. 

Departing faculty and staff should return their office keys to the Dean's Office or to their department office.

Building Hours

Requests to adjust the hours of a building should also be sent to the Operatios Program Manager.  Be sure to include the location of the event, which door(s) should be unlocked, the event set-up start time, and the event clean-up end time in your request.

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