Additional Pays

Finance Assistant Director

What is an additional pay for services?

Commonly called “add pay,” these are rare instances when a current University of Notre Dame employee performs work outside of their primary job responsibilities. For example, a faculty member receives a $300 honorarium from the Alumni Association for giving a talk

Who approves additional pays?

All additional pay-for-service requests need to be submitted in advance of the work to be performed to the dean’s office for review and approval. An Additional Pay for Services form with all fields completed accurately is required for consideration. Below are the contacts for additional pay-for-service requests:

The above colleagues will coordinate any additional reviews/approvals and relay the final decision to the requesting unit. If approved, the following people/units will submit the additional pay:

  • Faculty: Finance Assistant Director
  • Postdoctoral Scholars: Megan Fitz
  • Staff: Ashley Zingo or Bridget Fields
  • Graduate Students: department/center/institute/program submits via Student Jobs