T.D. Ball, College Accountant

Suppose you have financial and operational responsibilities, are the administrator of a restricted fund, or are the recipient of grant (award) money awarded to the University by an external source. In that case, GLez makes it easy to view online financial information.

  • All GLez access requests require Dean's Office approval.  Please list T.D. Ball as the approver for all requests.
  • For training, please log into your Endeavor account to sign up for a training session.


Adding and removing account access to new faculty department chairs and directors of institutes and centers:

At the beginning of May each academic year, the College Accountant (TD Ball) contacts the Dean of Arts and Letters Administrator (Karin Dale) to inquire about new faculty department chairs and directors of institutes and centers for the upcoming academic year. Once this information is gathered, the College Accountant contacts the Senior Technical Analyst (Carol Gronkowski) in the University’s Controller's Office to grant the appropriate access to the incoming department chairs or directors and remove the appropriate access from the outgoing department chairs or directors. These changes will be effective in July at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Around the same time these procedures are taking place, the College Accountant contacts the Staff Accountant in the University’s Restricted Sponsored Program Accounting Office to change the financial manager in GLez to the appropriate name.

In mid-July of the same fiscal year, the College Accountant used the Manage View function in the GLEZ tool to confirm that the proper changes have been made for fund-level access.


Adding access to new staff department and Institute and center administrators:

New staff administrators are directed to use the endeavor tool to sign up for GLEZ and BuyND training when they begin their positions. They are usually trained by the Senior Technical Analysis in the University’s Controller’s Office. Once the training is complete and the proper access forms are completed access will be granted via a request sent to the College Accountant. Once a staff member leaves or moves to a different department or position the College Accountant is notified so that the current access can be removed if applicable.


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