Faculty Separations

Megan Fitz, Sr. Administrative Coordinator

Non-Regular Separation

Separations for teaching assistants, adjunct faculty (emeriti, term teaching faculty, and concurrent), postdocs, and visitors are handled at the department level. When a faculty member alerts the department that they will not return, or when their contract ends and the department determines that person will not be reappointed, the department admin will process the separation.

  1. Chair or Admin sends notice letter of upcoming separation to Faculty member
  2. Admin submits separation into Personnel Actions
  3. Admin enters separation/ resignation information into FileMaker Pro

T/TT and TPAC Separation 

Separations for T/TT and TPAC faculty are handled by the Dean's Office.  The process begins when a faculty member notifies their department chair of the intent to resign or retire using the following verbiage: "It is my intent to resign at the end of the academic year 20XX/20XX, with pay and benefits continuing through June 30."

  1. The Department Chair decides to approve or deny request
  2. If approved, the Chair responds with approval of the resignation request & sends it to the appropriate divisional Associate Dean and copies the faculty member
  3. If approved, the Associate Dean responds with approval of the resignation request & sends it to the faculty member copying Megan Fitz
  4. Megan handles the process from there on out including submitting the separation in Personnel Actions