Signage & Posters

Allison Collins, Operations Program Manager
Example Apco Sign

Updating Sign Inserts

Most buildings have the new APCO Fullview signage.  Use the Sign Insert PDF Generator to update signage.

Sign Insert PDF Generator Log In:

  • Username: user
  • Password: goirish

If needed, you can make additional edits to the sign after you download the PDF.

If you need one of the sign-changing tools, please contact the Dean’s Office.

Valley Screen

Valley Screen is the preferred vendor for all other types of building signage.  Please contact Katherine McClain ( for a quote.  Be sure to include in the email:

  • a photo of the existing sign
  • the measurements
  • the name you want on the new nameplate

Once she creates the quote you should be able to purchase like normal through BuyND.

Valley Screen Example Sign


Wayfinding Signage

If you notice an error in any building signage (such as directories or wayfinding signs), please get in touch with the Operations Program Manager.


The College allows posters to be displayed throughout O’Shaughnessy Hall by departments, student groups, human resources, etc.

  • Posters must include an expiration date on the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Posters are allowed anywhere in the building—preferably on the bulletin boards—but may not be taped or tacked to any wooden paneling or trim. If you are using tape, please use painter’s tape whenever possible.
  • No posters or other hangings will be allowed in the Great Hall.
  • Sponsors are responsible for removing posters that have expired. Posters left hanging beyond the expiration date or beyond the event date when no expiration is provided may be removed and discarded by the College. All posters should be left to hang until the expiration date or advertised date has passed.

In all other campus buildings, posters should only be hung on bulletin boards or tackable surfaces.  Do not hang posters on glass walls or windows.