Library Carrels

Allison Collins, Operations Program Manager

Eligibility & Application Process

Library carrels are available for reservation by active A&L PhD students and postdocs.  Each March, Graduate Studies Coordinators will receive an email from the A&L Dean's Office with an application and instructions to distribute to their department's PhD students. Everyone requesting a carrel must complete an application whether they are applying for a new space or renewing the space they are currently occupying. Requests for eligible renewals are automatically granted. New requests are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the availability of vacant carrels. 

Assignment Policies

  • The number of study carrels with a window is extremely limited. Window carrels are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis and based on seniority.
  • Only active PhD students may reserve a carrel.  Anyone on leave must vacate their carrel and reapply when they return to active status.
  • Carrels cannot be "bequeathed" to another student.  If you are moving out and have a friend or colleague who wants to use your carrel, they must apply.
  • Postdocs can apply for carrel space, but priority is given to PhD students.



Questions about carrel checks or regulations:

Timothy Blewett, Manager, Document Delivery, Stacks and Annex, Hesburgh Libraries
574-631-4566 or 574-631-8923,

Questions about Library facilities, carrel repairs, or cleaning:

Reginald Burton, Facilities Program Director, Hesburgh Libraries

Issues related to security:

Michele Kirk, Safety and Security Supervisor, Hesburgh Libraries

After-Hours Issues:

After 5:00 PM, please contact the Security Monitors at  574-631-6350

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