Personnel Actions (PAF)

Bridget Fields, Employee Experience Program Manager

Personnel Actions (PA) is the tool used to make any job changes for staff on campus.  This tool is sometimes referred to as a PAF (Personnel Action Form).  For access, please contact Bridget Fields.  You can use PA in the following ways:

  • Build a new job for a recent hire
  • Make edits to an existing job (title, wage, hours, supervisor)
  • End a job
  • Separate an employee from the University

Who is responsible for submitting PAFs to add, change or end a job?

  • Temporary Employees: Department
  • Postdocs: Department
  • Students (grad/undergrad): Department
  • Full-time or Part-time staff: Dean's Office

Departments are responsible for submitting jobs for all temp employees, students and postdocs.  This is typically handled by the Department Coordinator/Administrator or the Graduate Studies Coordinator (though this may vary by department). Any changes to full-time or part-time staff jobs are handled exclusively by the Dean's Office.