Student Employees

Everything you need to post a job and hire students can be found if you search for "Student Employment" on InsideND.

Posting a Position

First, complete the Student JOBboard Submission Form to post the job.  
When you are ready to take down the posting, you will need to complete the JOBboard Removal Form.

Determining Pay Rates

We have a standard starting pay rate structure below with which we must remain consistent.  Generally, it is expected that a student’s starting hourly rate will begin at or near the minimum pay with increases based on longevity and performance. Please send your proposed pay rates to Ashley Zingo for review and approval before posting any student jobs.

Basic: $15 per hour

  • Administrative & clerical work
  • Logistics support (packing & moving)
  • Event support
  • Assistance with basic data collection and data management

Intermediate: $17 per hour

  • Managing/providing direction to other student employees in Basic positions
  • Work that requires intermediate computer systems or programming/software knowledge
  • The nature of the work requires intermediate foreign language competence
  • Internships
  • Research/analysis support (NOT requiring graduate course work) in an academic program

Skilled: $19 per hour

  • Managing/providing direction to other student employees in Intermediate positions
  • Research/analysis support (requiring graduate course work) in an academic program
  • Work that requires advanced computer systems or programming/software knowledge
  • The nature of the work requires advanced foreign language competence

Please note, positions requiring pay above $17.50 (e.g., special training or skills) must receive approval from the Office of Student Employment.

Advanced approval must be received from the Dean's Office in order to pay the skilled rate.

Building the Job

For Positions Through Summer 2024

You will need to complete the Originator and Approver Authorization Form so that you can hire student workers.  Once the form is processed, you will be able to hire students using the Student Jobs Hiring Tool.  

For Positions Beginning Fall 2024

Student Employment is making an exciting transition from the Hiring Tool to Personnel Actions (PA). This change will significantly improve the experience for both you and our students. The transition comes as part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the student employment process, streamline operations, and provide a more efficient and effective service.

What's new?

  • University-wide tool for Faculty, Staff, and Student jobs
  • Auto-populated cells allow for faster and more accurate job actions
  • Routing queue lets you see where your job is in the job process

Who is affected?

  • Originators (new title: Submitters)
  • Approvers
  • Organization Administrators (Org Admins)

What to expect?

  • Student Jobs is anticipated to go live with PA in the Summer of 2024
  • More information about training dates coming soon
  • Please note that summer positions will still be processed in the current hiring tool

Managing Students

Please review this website - this goes over all the information regarding students.  A couple of key points from rules/regulations of managing student staff:
  • Work not to exceed 20 hours per week from all jobs worked (so if they have 3 jobs on campus, all hours cannot exceed 20 hours)
  • The Office of Student Employment allows 3 days from the student's Job Effective Date to complete the I-9 process (or the Payroll cut-off, whichever comes sooner) before voiding it.
  • Students may not work during their scheduled class time.
  • Student jobs are for a maximum of one academic year and automatically terminate at the end of that year. If a student is to be rehired for a subsequent period, the student must be rehired through Student Jobs.
You can find even more resources in the For Employers section of the Student Jobs website.

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