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Your Voice Matters 

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Your Voice Matters

We believe that listening (and acting) on feedback, ideas, and suggestions is critical to improving your work and culture within Arts and Letters.  Your Voice Matters is an open, anonymous survey link that provides feedback directly to the Dean’s office leadership. 

Survey Feedback Opportunities

  • Candidate Experience: Experience from application to when they arrive on their first day.   
  • Onboarding Experience: Employee experience within their first 60 days.
  • Bi-Annual Pulse Survey: Measuring employee experience, DEI efforts, recognition, communication, and overall engagement. 
  • Exit Survey: Satisfaction prior to departure, department experience, and improvement opportunities.

In-Person Feedback Opportunities

  • A&L Orientation: Arts & Letters first-day experience welcoming the employee.
  • A&L All Staff Meetings:  Twice a semester, all staff gather to hear college updates, highlight and recognize staff and listen to feedback. 
  • Staff Advisory Support (SAS) Committee Meetings: In the first 15 minutes of the meeting, SAS provides a voice for a fully confidential channel of communication to the administration of the College to report incidents and/or issues you are struggling with.

Scheduled 1:1 Meetings

  • Sarah Biggs, Human Resource Consultant: Sarah can aid in performance management, conflict resolution and coaching, and providing direction on HR policies.
  • Ashley Zingo, Director of Operations: Ashley focuses on enhancing workplace culture and DEI, recruiting and retaining employees, and strengthening our organization.