What is accepted for recycling?

Acceptable Recyclable Items
  • Paper: clean paper including newsprint, envelopes, copy paper, paperboard, padded mailers (no plastic), and magazines.
  • Rigid Plastic: rigid plastics 1#-#7, including bottles, cups, jugs and containers, and toiletry bottles.
  • Metal & Glass: clean aluminum foil and food tins; aluminum, tin, and steel cans and containers; empty aerosol container; clear and colored glass bottles (please no broken mirrors or ceramics).
  • Cardboard: flattened and empty (no wax coating or styrofoam, please). 

Where can I recycle?

Use the blue toter in the designated area of your building.

Note that Building Services will no longer service desk-side recycling bins, but these may be used by individuals to collect recycling to dump into the larger central collection toter. Trash collection will not change.

How do I recycle?

Dump loose recyclables into the toter. Do not bag items.

Why the change?

This more intentional and basic recycling format will prevent non-recyclable items from disrupting the collection system. It will also allow Building Services staff to focus on enhanced cleaning and specialized recycling services.


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