Faculty Hiring: Non-Regular Resources

Appointment Letter Templates 

Appointment letter templates for faculty hiring can be found on the Office of the Provost's Faculty Administration Support and Training (FAST) webpage.  These templates are updated periodically, so checking this site before starting a new appointment is best.  Kellye Mitros will generate regular faculty hire appointment letter template drafts, but the departments draft non-regular appointment letters. 

If you have any questions regarding which appointment letter template to use, please get in touch with Kellye Mitros, who would be happy to assist.  

Visiting Professor Contracts

The Office of the Provost and Office of General Counsel has created agreements for visiting professors to accompany their appointment letters as needed.  These are used to establish a relationship between a professor, their home institution, and their destination institution.  The professor signs agreements and the approval granting authority at the home and destination institutions.  The steps for these Inbound and Outbound Visiting Faculty Agreements can be found on the Office of the Provost's Faculty Administration Support and Training (FAST) webpage.

Funding Clause

For faculty positions that are funded from an external source, the following clause should be added to their appointment letter: 

"The salary for this position is funded from an external source, and this contract is contingent on the continuation of these funds.  If those funds are terminated, this contract shall terminate upon 60 days notice."

Inbound Agreements

Inbound Agreements are for a regular faculty member of another institution who is coming to Notre Dame as a Non-Fellow.

Inbound Flow Chart


Please contact Michelle LaCourt if you think your faculty appointment needs an MOU.

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