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Technology Purchasing Guidance

Need help with purchasing a new computer or other technology-related equipment?  All technology purchases must be made through BuyND. Reimbursement for technology purchases outside of BuyND requires prior approval from the IT Director for the College of Arts and Letters. Requests can be initiated by submitting the Technology Purchasing Assistance form.

The following technology purchases must be made via ALCO: computers, mobile devices, servers of any form factor, docking stations, and laptop batteries; software and information systems; printers of any kind; network devices (including networked storage); and television, audiovisual and projection equipment.

The following items may be independently purchased through BuyND without going through ALCO: mice, keyboards, Apple Pencils, monitors, webcams and cameras, external hard drives (that will never be used as the sole/primary location to store or back up data), standalone scanners, adapters, cables, surge protectors & Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and non-laptop batteries (e.g. AA’s, AAA’s, etc.).

For more detailed information on technology purchasing guidance, please see our Technology Purchasing Guidance knowledge base article.

Campus Workstation Program (CWP)

Ready for a new Campus Workstation Program (CWP) computer? Fill out this form to start the process of ordering your new computer. CWP computers are assigned to eligible positions (not people) and are replaced on a 4-year cycle. Read more about the CWP program.

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