Campus Mail

Unique Aspects of Campus Mail

Campus mailing addresses are a combination of room number and building name. While it is acceptable to add the department name to the address, this information must be directly below the name and above the building name. Street names are not typically used. For example, if you were sending mail to someone in the Sociology department, in Suite 4060 on the fourth floor of Jenkins Nanovic Hall, the address would be written as follows:

Jane Doe
4060 Jenkins Nanovic Halls
Notre Dame, IN 46556-7000

Important Information for Campus Departments

  • When creating business cards, letterheads, websites, and other materials that contain campus mailing information for your department, please consider including the "Zip +4" as part of your address information if applicable. This will ensure the timely and accurate delivery of your incoming mail.
  • Many Notre Dame rooms and workstations are labeled with alpha-numeric numbers such as 305A, 305B, etc. Please note that USPS systems do not recognize the alpha component of such addresses. Please keep this in mind when establishing published mailing addresses. You can simply trim the alpha from the address.
  • If you have special needs for campus mail or questions about deliveries or addresses, please contact the USPS Postmaster (574) 631-7304 or Notre Dame Mail Distribution (574) 631-6274. 

Important Information for Off-Campus Parties

  • When ordering items online, or working with a delivery company to send items to campus, please note that most vendors use the USPS database as their source for address information. These vendor systems often require an exact match in order to approve an order. 
  • The names of campus buildings in the USPS database do not always match the commonly understood names for a given building. If you are having trouble placing an online order or scheduling a delivery, please refer to the Building Mailing Address Guide. This was developed in collaboration with the USPS Postmaster and will be updated periodically as appropriate.

How to View & Update Your Mail Address

  • Visit the Human Resources Self Service Center
  • Click on My Profile under the Suggested Resources heading
  • Under your profile, in the Address Information drop-down, you will find a link to update your information
  • Review your Office Primary Address and ensure that the information is correct
  • If you would like campus mail delivered somewhere other than your Office Primary Address, click the Add New button then select Office Mail Address as the Address type
  • Please make sure that all of your correspondence coming in (bills, magazines, subscriptions, etc.) knows your campus address. If you move, it is your responsibility to contact the sender to change your mailing address. 

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