Family and Medical Leaves (FMLA)


The Faculty Family and Medical Leave Policy can be viewed at   Faculty should apply through the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Provost and do not contact Sedgwick.

The Family and Medical Leave Policy for faculty can be viewed in the Faculty Handbook under FMLA. Full instructions regarding applications for FMLA leave are available on the HR website or by calling the askHR Customer Service Center at 574-631-5900. Faculty members applying for FMLA leave are strongly encouraged to make their department chairperson aware of their application so that departments can adequately accommodate any necessary curricular and/or administrative changes. The Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs also serves as a resource for FMLA.


The University partners with Sedgwick to administer its FMLA program for exempt and non-exempt staff. Please see the Guide to Reporting A Leave of Absence Claim (PDF) brochure from Sedgwick (PDF) for additional information.