Staff Hiring

The process outlined here is for hiring part-time or full-time staff employees.  See the resources linked below for information on hiring temps or students.

Temporary Staff Hiring Process

Student Employees

Hiring Process

Staff Hiring Process Map

Create or Update the Position Description

New Positions

The hiring unit will create a job description using a Position Description Template.  In addition to the job duties your description will need to include:

  • The funding source(s) for the position and the percentage of the total salary those sources will cover
  • Notes justifying the creation of a new position including
    • Why is this position necessary?
    • How were the duties for the position accomplished previously?
    • What alternatives have you considered to creating this position?
    • If approval cannot be granted, how will the work be accomplished without increasing salary expenses?
  • The new organizational structure

Replacing an Existing Position

The hiring unit will update the existing job description.  

Submit for Review & Approval

Ashley/Bridget to review SPMF and send it to the Human Resources compensation team to be leveled.  HR will approve the title and approve the starting salary range. 

Internal Posting

Before posting the job online, you may share the job description within your department.  If the job is going to be offered to an internal candidate, you do not need to post the job online.  Work with Bridget to determine the new wage and offer letter.  She will process the job change in Personnel Actions.

Post the Job

Bridget will post the position for at least 5 days.  In addition to, positions are also posted on:

  • Ziprecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Diversity Jobs
  • HigherEdJobs 
  • HBCU Connect
  • Greater Chicago Midwest HERC

In order to hire any preferred external candidates, the Hiring Manager must complete the Request for Waiver of Search Process form.

Conduct the Search

Bridget will guide you through the interview process.  Most searches will start with a first-round interview via Zoom or Spark Hire.  The second round interview should be conducted in person with the hiring unit. In addition, the hiring manager will be guided through the reference check process.

Make an Offer

All salary offers must be reviewed and approved by Ashley Zingo before verbally offering the position to the candidate. Once the position is accepted, Bridget will provide an offer letter and work with HR to conduct a background check and drug screen.  The new employee's start date must coincide with all Arts & Letters start dates.  Bridget will conduct first-day onboarding including HR Orientation, A&L Orientation, HR paperwork, parking pass, lunch, tour etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • If they are moving to a new position number, add a new job in PA
  • If they are staying in their current position number, edit their current job in PA
  • This change can only be made after the repurposed position has been approved by HR and Provost's Office

Change in Pay

  • Has to be approved by the Dean's Office
  • Edit current position in Personnel Actions

NDID (Employee 9-Digit Number)

  • Provided by HR after the new hire has passed their background check and drug screening
  • At this point, then we can build a job for a new employee

Staff Applicant Screening

Reference Checks

  • The hiring department conducts a reference check for any finalists before making an offer.

Background Check

  • HR verifies the criminal record information provided in the online vendor portal for individuals to whom offers of employment are made
  • A basic verification includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry and felony and misdemeanor conviction records check in the applicant’s county or counties of residence
  • A more extensive background/records check may be conducted based on the requirements of a specific position

Drug Screening

  • All offers of regular, part-time and full-time staff employment are contingent upon satisfactory results of a drug test
  • Staff hired for regular positions are required to successfully complete a drug test prior to beginning employment
  • Any employee regardless of their employment category that will be driving for a DOT position shall be required to successfully complete a drug test prior to beginning employment

SPMF Questions

When you need to create a new position, update a position description, extend a date for a limited-term position, or submit for a replacement, the first thing to do is send a request to Ashley Zingo and Bridget Fields (which many of you currently do) via email.

Bridget and/or Ashley will create the SPMF within the new system and then "share" it with you by sending you a link to access.  You can then make any updates necessary and let us know when you have it in its final form.  This is an opportunity for you to review the foapals, extension dates, and if any of the description itself needs to be updated.  We will also ask that you attach the organizational chart. 

A large number of our positions do not have all of the data in the new system, so Bridget and Ashley will need to manually enter each one.  If you have an old SPMF form that you have worked off of, it is helpful if you attach that to your request.

Process Overview

  1. Email Ashley and Bridget with a request
  2. Ashley/Bridget to create an SPMF form with either existing data or suggested data
  3. Ashley/Bridget to share back with the hiring manager or business manager
  4. Hiring/business manager to make edits as necessary
  5. Ashley/Bridget to send to Michelle LaCourt for budget review/approval
  6. Ashley/Bridget submit to compensation for leveling

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