Staff Recognition and Appreciation

Bridget Fields, Employee Experience Program Manager

It is important to the College of Arts and Letters to have a robust recognition and appreciation model for our staff.

Appreciation is about celebrating the great qualities of our staff and appreciating who they are. We appreciate our staff by creating a calendar full of fun events, staff luncheons, opportunities for swag, and additional time off.  

Recognition focuses on the good work that someone has achieved. Our recognition has three leaves: the Arts & Letters staff annual awards, supervisor nominated awards, and the opportunity for daily recognition by utilizing WOWs.


Appreciation and Recognition


Wonderfully Outstanding Work

Utilize the WOW form to recognize and appreciate an Arts and Letters staff member who has gone above and beyond and deserves accolades for their wonderfully, outstanding work. Submit a WOW today!

Arts & Letters Annual Awards

The Awards & Recognition Committee is committed to the celebration and recognition of all Arts & Letters employees. The committee has identified four distinct awards that will be given annually to a Notre Dame staff member within the College of Arts and Letters and one award for a Notre Dame staff member outside the College of Arts and Letters.  Read more about the Annual Awards.

Supervisor Nominated Awards

Supervisors have two types of awards they can nominate staff members for: Spot Awards and Recognition Awards.  A Spot Award is a performance-based award recognizing extraordinary performance over a short period of time. A Recognition Award is a performance-based award recognizing extraordinary achievement(s) outside the scope of an individual’s regular job responsibilities, performed in addition to their current assignment. Read more about the Supervisor Nominated Awards.