Office Prep for Faculty

Allison Collins, Operations Program Manager

Departing faculty should vacate their offices by the Monday following Commencement.  This is to ensure that there is enough time to prepare the office including painting, cleaning, and furniture arrangement.  Offices for incoming faculty are ready for occupancy on the last Monday in July.


The College will fund any painting or flooring updates as needed to prepare vacant offices for occupancy.  Please reach out to the Operations Program Manager if you think an office needs new paint and carpet.


Check the condition of the walls in the office.  If the paint looks good overall, but there are a few nails or screw holes in the walls, we can submit a work order request to have the walls patched and painted as needed.  The Paint Shop can match the existing wall color.

If the walls are in poor condition, then the entire office can be repainted.  The paint color will be the standard for the building and cannot be specified by the department or incoming faculty member.


Typically all an office needs is vacuuming after it is vacated.  If there are a handful of small stains, we can request carpet cleaning from Building Services.  For older carpeting that is worn, ripped, or has come loose, we can request a carpet replacement from the Flooring Shop.  The carpet that is installed will be the standard for the building and cannot be specified by the department or incoming faculty member.

Other Maintenance Needs

Often when an office is vacated, we can see any repairs that may be needed.  Please notify the Operations Program Manager of any needed repairs, or you may submit a work order to Maintenance.  Most repairs are covered by the building fund and are not charged to the department. 


Each faculty office is furnished with the following standard items:

  • Desk
  • Task Chair
  • Guest chair(s)
  • Book storage
  • File storage

If any pieces are missing at the time that an office is vacated, you may pull items from the storage area of your respective building (based on availability, there is no guarantee that all furniture in an office will match based).  To have furniture relocated, please submit a request to General Services.  Furniture purchased using College funds (including R&PD) remains the property of the University, so departing faculty should not remove furniture when they move out.  


Building Services can provide cleaning services for vacant offices.  Requests can be submitted through the work order system and can include dusting, vacuuming, and any other cleaning that is needed.


Unless the departing faculty member is moving to another location on campus, the phone in each office should remain on-site when the previous occupant moves out. Use the form on the OITs website to update the name on the phone to the new occupant.


See the Signage & Posters resource for instructions on how to update nameplates.