Technology Security

Dr. Scott Russell, Director of IT, College of Arts & Letters

Security Awareness Training

All employees are required to participate in Security Awareness Training. Detailed information about that training can be found on OIT's Security Awareness Training page.

Supervisors who want to see if their direct reports have completed their Security Awareness Training can view this Tableau dashboard or read this KB article for more information.

Securing Endpoints (laptops and desktops)

Faculty and staff are responsible for securing their work and personal laptop and desktop computers according to the Endpoint Security Standard. Computers managed by ALCO have the following settings pushed out automatically:

  • Automatic updates are enabled for operating system software.
  • Malware/AntiVirus Protection solutions are installed and activated.
  • Whole Disk Encryption is enabled.
  • OS Firewall is enabled.

Further information can be found in the Secure Computing section of the ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

Data Protection

Highly Sensitive Information


Safeguarding Data while Traveling Internationally