Facilities Information for Chairs

Allison Collins, Operations Program Manager

Who is eligible for a private office?

  • Department Chair, Associate/Assistant Department Chair, Faculty*

  • Staff at the Senior Director Level

Private offices should first be allocated to eligible faculty in your department. Staff may be assigned to private offices only in the event that all open workspaces are occupied and should be asked to share office space when needed.

Offices should be used for Post-Docs, TAs, and graduate students only if there is space available after all faculty and staff have been allocated a workspace. These offices should be shared and/or hoteling space. Post-Docs and TAs are not entitled to a private office.

*While a private office is the typical space assignment for SPF, Research, Library, and Visiting Faculty, these space standards are sufficiently flexible to support the assignment of these faculty members to open offices. Adjunct faculty are not eligible for office space on campus.

When do departing faculty need to vacate their office?

  • For those faculty whose contract is ending or who are resigning, offices should be vacated by the day after Commencement for June 30 end dates and December 5 for December 31 end dates.

  • If you want to offer an extension on the move-out date, you must get approval from the Dean’s Office before offering the extension to the faculty member.

What do I do if we run out of offices?

The College no longer has extra available offices to utilize as swing space. Each department has been allocated a certain number of offices within its building/floor. Therefore departments may have to reconfigure office assignments in order to accommodate new hires. Some options to consider:

  • Are you using a faculty office for administrative needs (storage, workroom)?
  • Is there open space within the suite to install new staff workstations?
  • Are any offices being used by post-docs and/or TAs?
  • Are any staff currently assigned to a private office?
  • Does your current office assignment model allow for faculty in administrative roles to retain their faculty office? If so, those faculty may need to consolidate into one office. (Examples: Department Chair gives up their faculty office; DGS runs the graduate program out of their faculty office)
  • Do you have an under-utilized lounge space or conference room that could be converted into office space?

I want to make a change to our space. Who do I contact?

For any facilities-related questions or requests, please contact the Operations Program Manager for assistance with:

  • Moving and/or removing existing furniture
  • Sourcing new furniture
  • Minor renovations (paint, carpet, etc.)

The department will need to provide a FOAPAL for any purchases or work orders.

How do I get funding for small renovation projects or equipment purchases?

Each fall the University Facilities Information team conducts the Academic Space Management (ASM) Survey. The College of Arts and Letters can submit up to seven facility project requests that fall under $75,000 to improve our academic space. In March, the UFI team alerts the College to which projects have been approved. You can email Allison Collins anytime if you have an idea for an ASM request or you may submit your request via this form.


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