Staff Performance Evaluations: Self-Assessment

Ashley Zingo, Director of Operations

The Performance Management Process ensures expectations are clear and prioritized, encourages professional development and growth, provides an opportunity for recognition, and is a time for reflection. We ask each employee to complete their self-assessment in Endeavor and participate in performance discussions with their supervisors. We are asking each employee to kick off this process by submitting their self-assessment by Monday, April 1, 2024.

2024 Performance Review Due Dates

Performance Review Step Description Date Owner
Employee Self-Assessment Employee complete self-review in Endeavor Due April 1 Employee
Manager Year-End Assessment Manager reviews self-assessment and determines’ rating (nothing entered in Endeavor yet) Due April 12 Supervisor
Calibration Meetings

Supervisors participate in Calibration Meetings OR prepare leaders to represent

April 15 - April 26 Dept. Chairs & Directors
Final Ratings Approved Dean’s Office provides final approval ratings based on calibration meetings April 29 Dept. Chairs
Performance Review & Feedback

Manager/Employee Feedback Meeting

Rating provided with clear feedback

May 1 - May 8 Supervisor
Merit Finalized

Dean’s office to finalize merit

Supervisors to communicate merit %


Endeavor Process

Accessing the Review

  1. Login to eNDeavor
  2. Select Timeline from the menu on the left side of your screen
  3. Select Tasks to identify performance task
  4. Identify the Performance task you need to complete and click Go

Entering Comments and Self-Rating

Select Expectations to begin entering your information

  1. Click Expand All to display the details for each expectation
  2. Update the Percent Complete field based on the progress you made toward each expectation
  3. Enter Comments in the Employee's Year-End Comment box for each individual expectation
  4. Enter Overall Comments to summarize performance on all expectations for the year
  5. Click Save: The system auto-saves periodically but it is good practice to save after each entry

Move to the University Values tab

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter Overall Comments in the Employee's Year-end Comments - Values comment box about how you demonstrated the five core University Values throughout the performance year

Click on Summary of Performance 

  1. Enter Overall Comments in the Employee's Year-End Comments - Expectations and Values* comment box.  This is where it is helpful to provide examples of your overall performance!
  2. The asterisk(*) indicates a required field
    Select a rating from the drop-down menu next to Employee Overall Rating*
  3. The five-point scale ranges from Significantly Exceeds Expectations to Does Not Meet Expectations

Select Send Forward to complete Step 3 

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