Exit Checklist for Staff

Manager Steps for Separating an Employee

  • Notify Bridget Fields and Ashley Zingo that the employee will be resigning or retiring. 
  • Submit the separation in Personnel Actions for temps and students, 
    • Bridget will handle all separations for part-time and full-time staff. 
  • Schedule an exit conversation with the employee.
    • The Dean's Office will also conduct exit surveys and/or exit interviews.
  • Complete the Employee Asset/Inventory Checklist

Exit Conversation

Managers are encouraged to have a conversation with employees if they are retiring or have chosen to voluntarily resign. It is an opportunity to ask for feedback in order to take a deeper look at your workplace culture, day-to-day processes, and employee morale. These conversations can help build a stronger culture, help us improve our work environment, and provides managers with helpful feedback in their managing style. Below are some helpful questions for the Exit Conversation. 

  • Tell me more about why you are leaving Notre Dame/Department (if not retiring)? 
  • What did you like most about working at Notre Dame/Department?
  • Do you have any changes or suggestions that would benefit our department? 

Employee Asset/Inventory Checklist

Parking & Transportation Assets & Access

Collect Parking Permit/Tag/Passes and Return to Parking Services (if leaving the University) 

Facility Assets & Access

  • Collect Notre Dame ID Card (if leaving the University and turn into Campus Card Office) 
  • Remove Building Access (if leaving the University, remove through AIM)
  • Collect Keys (Building, Office, File Cabinets)
  • Ensure the employee has cleared out their desk 

Information Technology

  • Create email out-of-office response 
  • Forward Email to another Email Address (Instructions here)
  • Update Contact Information in order to receive W2 through InsideND
  • Collect Laptop, power adapter, bag
  • Collect Mobile Devices (phone/tablet)
  • Collect Notre Dame ProCard/Credit Card/Travel Cards
  • Remove Department Specific IT System Access
    • Filemaker Pro, OnBase, Personnel Actions, etc.
  • Remove Google Drive & Folder Access 

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