Labor Distributions

Finance Assistant Director

University funds are delineated as a fund-organization-account-program code (FOAP). All charges need to be made to a FOAP, including labor charges. A labor distribution is the FOAP(s) that a labor payment is charged to.

When is a labor distribution created?

A labor distribution is initially created when the job is created or during the annual adopted budget period in the spring for the upcoming fiscal year's regular faculty and staff positions.

How do I change a labor distribution?

Labor distributions are changed via the Financial Toolkit in InsideND. To request access, please contact Michelle LaCourt.

Regular faculty and staff labor distributions are done by Kim Wazny in the Dean’s Office (with the exception of limited-term positions funded fully by external sources). Please contact Kim to request a labor distribution change for these positions.

Graduate students, undergraduate students, temporary employees, and postdoc distributions can be changed by the hiring unit. Please include notifications for the labor distribution changes (in the financial toolkit) for Michelle LaCourt, the Finance Assistant Director, and TD Ball.


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