Regular Faculty Hiring Process: Step 1

Before Opening the Search

All searches require the approval of the Dean.

If you are hiring Regular Faculty (i.e., T&TT, TPAC, RF, and Endowed)

  • The Dean's Office sends out search authorization letters to departments each year in late May/early June.
  • All searches require the approval of the Dean.
  • The Dean's Office will provide $6,000 for each authorized open search for search costs.

If you are hiring Non-Regular Faculty (new hires)

  • Requests for non-regular faculty hiring are made by the departments to the college in late February/early March each year.
  • The Dean's Office will inform department chairs of approved non-regular faculty hires via email no later than March 31 each year with a goal to provide this information by mid-March.
  • The Dean's Office must approve all non-regular faculty hiring in advance.

Once the Dean's Office authorizes a search

  • Create a search Committee (refer to College/School/Department organization plans).
  • Review College Guidelines for Hiring Faculty for Diversity, Mission, and Excellence.
  • Draft a position description that addresses diversity objectives, clearly articulates responsibilities and qualifications, and includes a definitive close date. 
  • Create a candidate assessment rubric based on the position description.
  • Submit the position description and candidate assessment rubric to the divisional associate dean for review and approval.
  • Once the divisional associate dean approves, the Dean's office recommends the department seek the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) review of the position description before creating the search posting.

Creating the Search Posting

A posting in Interfolio must be created by the department for all regular faculty searches, including those with preferred candidates.

  • Contact Kellye Mitros, Associate Director of Faculty Administration, to obtain the position number for the posting. This is needed to ensure the job creation at the end of the process is completed seamlessly and that adequate funds for the position exist and are adequately budgeted.
  • Create the search posting in Interfolio (See the list of requirements to collect from all applicants).
    • Kellye Mitros will review the posting for the appropriate title, position number, and other details before approval. (If a single candidate has already been identified for a position, please include the term 'Preferred Candidate' without the candidate's name in the title.)
  • Submit the position to the Provost Faculty Positions website if no preferred candidate exists.
  • Regular faculty postings will automatically be advertised at no cost to the department via Job Elephant and HERC, which pushes the position to partner job boards once the position is live.
  • Non-regular faculty postings are not automatically advertised via Job Elephant. To request advertising, please get in touch with Kim Harness.
  • For the broader promotion of the posting, departments should also advertise with additional sources specific to diversity groups or discipline(s).

Once the Posting Closes

  • Once the position close date has passed, unpublish the posting through the Interfolio position setup and ensure the position has been removed from the page. (See product help in Interfolio for details).
  • For regular faculty searches, the Search Committee Chair notifies OIE that the entire pool of applicants is ready for review.
    • OIE compares the applicant pool to the benchmark standard and informs the search committee chair whether the applicant pool is sufficiently representative.
    • The search chair saves the email for the hiring packet.
      • The committee decides whether to work with OIE to expand the search if the applicant pool is not sufficiently representative.
      • If moving forward without expanding the search, the Search Chair downloads and completes the notification of the search process form to be included in the hiring packet.

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