Training and Development

Adding a Resource

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Department Administrator Resources

Frequently used resources and how-to guides

Employee Feedback

Opportunities for our staff to share feedback in a variety of ways

FileMaker Pro: Overview

Usage, access, training

FileMaker Pro: Teaching Schedule Training

In this short video, David Klawiter from ALCO describes and demonstrates the Teaching Schedule process.

Finance Overview

Regularly used tools, where to start, access needed

Graduate Coordinator Resources

Policies, forms, tools & links

Meeting Minute Resources

Resources on how to take effective meeting minutes

Mentoring Faculty

Why we mentor, definitions, and guidelines

Postdoctoral Appointments

5+1 Program & Postdocs

Spending Policy

Guidance on R&PD spending, meals and entertainment, book manuscript workshops, and honoraria expenses

Staff Onboarding

Orientation, first-day experience, training guides

Staff Performance Evaluations

Overview of performance management in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Self-Assessment

Overview of the self evaluation process in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Setting Goals

Recording & approving expectations in eNDeavor

Staff Performance Evaluations: Supervisor Process

Overview of the manager's employee review process eNDeavor

Staff Training and Development

A&L training offerings, suggested HR courses


Guidance on the use and acknowledgement of contributions

Technology Training

Courses offered by OIT

Travel & Expense Reimbursements

How to submit an expense for reimbursement form your R&PD account

Undergraduate Coordinator Resources

Policies, forms, tools & links