Additional Pays

Payment for work performed outside of an employee's primary job responsibilities


Types of budgets, budget & salary meetings, non-regular budget process


System overview, access request form, training information


Reimbursements, meeting cards, procards, relocation information

Contracts and MOUs

Agreements with external entities or between parties internal to the University


Access to Notre Dame's Enterprise Data Warehouse

Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A)

Cost recovery and distribution to faculty

Faculty Administrative Supplements and Summer Salary Payments

Payments for approved administrative appointments or scholarly work during the summer

Finance Overview

Regularly used tools, where to start, access needed

Financial Compass

Budgeting and forecasting tool

Financial Toolkit

Depostis, LDCs, JVs and Payment Requests


Web-based application providing easy access to financial information

Labor Distributions

How salaries are charged to university funds, LDCs

Payroll & UltraTime

Tracking hours, assigning supervisors, add pay forms

PI Portal

Tool to manage information about proposals submitted, awards received, and expenditures on sponsored funds.

Reviewing Expenses

Approval workflow, criteria for review, areas of responsibility

Spending Policy

Guidance on R&PD spending, meals and entertainment, book manuscript workshops, and honoraria expenses


Guidance on the use and acknowledgement of contributions

Technology Purchasing

Purchasing guidance, TPA form, CWP program

Travel & Expense Reimbursements

How to submit an expense for reimbursement form your R&PD account