Staff Committees

The College of Arts & Letters has a few staff committees that assist in ensuring we have a robust and collaborative culture.  If you are interested in getting involved in an Arts & Letters committee, reach out to Bridget Fields at

Staff Committees

Peer Groups

We heard in the fall pulse survey that many individuals would like the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with their peers across the college. Research shows that in the workplace organized peer groups increase knowledge sharing, strengthen culture, accelerate onboarding, foster meaningful connections, and support employee development.
We have organized our administrative professionals into four groups based on job roles. Some of these groups have already been meeting, but we are hoping to provide consistency and structure in how these groups interact.

How will the groups interact?

The groups will meet on a monthly basis. The goal is to network, create strong relationships across the college, have a group to ask questions and go to when problems arise and receive updates as needed. And have FUN!

Who will oversee and lead the groups?

The group will be chaired by two individuals in the college who have experience in these areas. The chairs will be in charge of creating the agenda and leading the meeting. Bridget Fields will help in coordinating the meeting and inviting any guest speakers as needed. We have a couple of chairs identified, however, if you are interested in an open role, please let us know.

What are the administrative groups?

Undergraduate Coordinator Group

2023 Chairs: Kelly Huth & Eileen Barany
  • Designed for those that heavily support the Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Common topics this group would cover: course registration and scheduling, CourseLeaf, graduation status and reports, academic scheduling for programs and events, event planning, website maintenance

Graduate Coordinator Group

2023 Chairs: Tiarra Lax-Walker & Christine Grandy
  • Designed for those that heavily support the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Common topics this group would cover: recruitment and admissions, graduate placement, scheduling exams and dissertation defenses, graduate student database, processing tuition and stipends, coordinating prospective visits, job placement assistance

Department Administrators and Coordinators

2023 Chairs: Lynn McCormack & Greg Endicott
  • Designed for those working closely with Chairs on faculty affairs and department oversight
  • Common topics this group would cover: faculty hires, leaves and promotions, hiring and overseeing student workers, administering faculty searches including campus visit arrangements, processing renewals and separations, monitoring the financial status of the department, GLez and ARP, overseeing travel, event planning

Center/Institute Coordinator Group

  • Designed for directors and coordinators providing direction or overseeing staff within a center or institute
  • Common topics this group would cover: events and programming, grant engagement, media strategies, stakeholder relationships, staff engagement 

What if I want to be a part of more than one group?

Individuals may choose to be a part of more than one group - and that is OK!

See a group we need?

If you see a group that you think would be beneficial or you would like to lead, please email Bridget Fields!