Promotion to Endowed Chair

Either internal faculty or incoming faculty can be promoted to Endowed Chair.

External Reviewer Letter for Endowed Chair

Please use the template language in requesting external reviewer letters for an endowed chair packet.


We are seeking your assistance in evaluating the work of XXXX, who is being considered for an endowed chair position at the University of Notre Dame. XXXX is currently [insert current position]. Full professors at the University are expected to have achieved "widespread recognition as a scholar." As endowed chairs are honorific titles for the most impactful scholars at the full professor level, recipients of chairs are also expected to have "distinguished achievement in their field." In your letter we are hoping you can outline:

  1. Your relationship to the candidate.
  2. Whether XXXX meets the criteria established above for an endowed chair. We are seeking an assessment of not only XXXX's scholarship as it contributes to the area of specialization, but also an evaluation of XXXX's contribution to the overall discipline.
  3. Is XXXX's record comparable to endowed chairs in the discipline at other major research universities?

Your letter will be held in confidence and will be available only to those persons at the University who are charged with making a decision in this case, except in the unlikely event that litigation requires its disclosure.

We are hoping that you can provide a letter by [date].

Thank you in advance for considering this request.