Salary Appeals

Annual raises are communicated to the faculty by letter in the week following Commencement. Faculty members who are dissatisfied with their annual raise are welcome to meet with the chairperson or appropriate Associate Dean to express their concerns.

If the faculty member wishes to file a formal salary appeal, the faculty member should present the case to the chairperson in writing. If the chairperson finds the complaint well grounded, he or she should forward the request to the divisional Associate Dean along with a recommendation. If the chairperson finds the complaint ungrounded, he or she should respond to the faculty member in writing (it is a good idea to review the salary appeal letter and the written response in advance with the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs). The evaluation of any appeal should take into account all three areas of the profession: teaching, research/scholarship, and service. If the chair finds the complaint ungrounded, the faculty member may still appeal directly to the divisional Associate Dean. The divisional Associate Dean may meet with the faculty member to discuss the appeal. The Dean reviews all appeals submitted to the divisional dean. The divisional Associate Dean or the Dean will respond in writing to the appeal within 30 days of receipt. A faculty member may appeal a negative decision from the Dean’s Office to the Office of the Provost.

All College salaries are reviewed regularly for equity. In addition, the Provost’s Office annually conducts an equity audit of all faculty salaries.