Faculty Retirements

Megan Fitz, Sr. Administrative Coordinator

A department chair should not discuss the issue of retirement with an individual faculty member unless and until the faculty member raises it first. However, once a faculty member seeks counsel concerning a decision to retire, it is important to provide support and clear and accurate information.

Currently, all available options for tenured faculty are covered in the Faculty Retirement Transition Program. Details of the Program, together with sample forms, are set out on the Provost's website. From this page, netid login information must be provided to access the retirement documents located under the “Administrative Resources” tab. Faculty who would like to discuss any issues concerning their retirement should meet with their Department Chair and/or the appropriate divisional Associate Dean. Such meetings are strictly confidential.

Information about retirement programs is also available on the Human Resources website.

Faculty intending to resign should give at least three months’ notice of the date of their termination.

The end of the notice period should coincide with the end of the academic year. As a 9-month employee paid over 12 months, it is particularly important to remember that the end date of a faculty contract refers to the end of the academic year, i.e. the day after commencement, with pay and benefits continuing through June 30.

We recognize that faculty will not always be able to submit their official resignation three months prior to the intended termination. In those cases, we will make every effort to solve the issue to the satisfaction of the faculty member and the University.

Once a faculty member has decided to submit a resignation, he or she will notify the department chair via e-mail or a formal letter including the following language: “It is my intent to resign at the end of the academic year 20XX/20XX, with pay and benefits continuing through June 30.”