Faculty Retirement & Emeritus Experience

Benefits After Retirement

  • Retiree ID Card
  • Use of Athletic Facilities
  • Library Privileges
  • Bookstore and Varsity Shop Discounts
  • Football Tickets
  • Free admission to select Notre Dame athletic events
  • Parking Decal
  • Email Access

Emeritus Office Space

Shared workspace with access to:

  • Hoteling Desks
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phone
  • Printer
  • Campus Mail
  • Tech Support
  • 24/7 Building Access

Emeritus Computing Support

Emeritus faculty will continue to receive support for certain OIT services related to their netid, email, or for supported software needed/used for ongoing work being done on behalf of the University.

OIT does not support:

  • Personal printers or those not configured in PrinterLogic
  • Connection to non-ND networks
  • Computer games and gaming consoles 
  • Personal Email 
  • Personally owned devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Move Home?

The Dean’s Office will hire a professional moving company to pack your belongings and transfer the boxes to your local address.  You will be able to request a preferred move-home date, and the movers will have your contact information.

Do I Have To Bring Home Paper Files?

No, unwanted paper files can be recycled.  We can provide you with a temporary recycle bin to use while you go through your office.  If you have confidential files that need to be discarded, University Archives can provide a special shred bin to be picked up by Shred-It.

What If I Have Unwanted Books?

Leave them in your office and we will arrange for the books to be donated.  Donations will be sent to Fables Books in Goshen.

Can I Keep My Computer?

Retirees may have the option to purchase their computer, following the standard guidelines.

  • The purchase date must be greater than two years from when they are purchasing the machine.
  • The user must obtain both approval from their department chair and the A&L IT Director.
  • The machine must be taken to the Service Center to be securely erased of all University data for a fee of $75.
  • A Fair Market Value quote will be created for the depreciated cost of the computer with applicable sales tax.

Computers purchased by retirees will be considered personal computers.

Why Wasn’t I Assigned A Semi-Private Office?

In the old office model, there were not enough spaces to accommodate all emeritus office requests.  This led to faculty being denied office space and having to move more than once.

The new model allows for all of our emeritus faculty to take advantage of the benefits of working on campus. This also eliminates the need for emeritus faculty to submit a request for an office each academic year.