Concurrent and Term Teaching Appointments

Concurrent faculty members hold regular or visiting faculty appointments in an academic unit of the University and temporary appointments of at least one academic term in another academic unit, by consent of both academic units. Term teaching appointments permit staff to teach in academic programs.

A concurrent appointment permits a member of the faculty who is housed in one unit to participate in a second unit. The unit that recommends the concurrent appointment should specify the privileges and responsibilities (e.g. teaching or serving on doctoral committees). A concurrent appointment does not confer full rights, privileges, and obligations in the academic unit where the concurrent appointment is held. See Article IV/Section 1/Subsection (c)(2) of the current Academic Articles for further details.

Concurrent appointments are valid only if approved by the Provost’s Office. An assistant professor in department X should be appointed as concurrent assistant professor in department Y. Similarly, a teaching professor should have the same status in a second unit where he or she has a concurrent appointment. Thus, an associate teaching professor in department X would be appointed as a concurrent associate teaching professor in department Y.

Staff may not hold concurrent status, but may be appointed as term teachers. Term teachers are full-time staff members who hold temporary faculty appointments in order to teach in an academic program.

To process a concurrent or term teacher appointment, follow the guidelines for appointing a new non-regular hire, including all relevant paperwork. Contact the administrator for your divisional associate dean with any questions.