Style guidelines for crossposting stories

If you find a story from another University entity or publication that is relevant to your operation, it is important to consider the audience, and to apply proper edits and accreditation.

When importing a story, please consider the following criteria when adding and editing it to your site:

  • Headlines: Headlines should not be the same as the story being highlighted, but instead edited to add context towards the unit’s audience. The point of sharing is not what is being written, but the fact that a faculty member is being highlighted by that outlet.

  • Author name: The author name should not be the byline in the article, but generally “Department of (insert name).” The only exception to this is if the story comes from ND Magazine, Alumni Association, or Brand Content.

  • Introduction/body text: Add an introduction paragraph that highlights the publication, adds context, provides key quotes and links to the original publication. Do not insert congratulatory language.

Here are examples of successful crossposted stories:

If you have any further questions about this, please contact communications assistant director Mary Kinney.