Performance Reviews for Chairpersons

Each year chairpersons and other senior administrators are asked to fill out an annual activity report that makes visible your accomplishments and continuing challenges in teaching, scholarship, and leadership. To submit the annual report, the College will prompt all chairpersons when the electronic template is ready to accept the report. Once available, the College will send out an upload link with further instructions.

Please contact the Dean’s Administrator or the Dean's Executive Administrator for any questions regarding the process.

In addition, the College has a policy of reviewing chairpersons during the middle of their term as a means of providing constructive feedback. We believe that it is important for chairpersons to receive input both from us and from their faculty. We wish to affirm chairs on the areas where they are strong and assist them with the areas where improvement is desirable. Regular faculty and staff are asked to share their impressions of their chair. Google Forms allows the evaluation to be electronically completed and sent to the appropriate divisional associate dean. The Associate Dean will send an email requesting faculty and staff to complete the evaluation.