Leaves for Non-Research Purposes

Leave to Teach at Another Institution

Under normal circumstances, requests for leave to teach at another institution are discouraged.

Exceptions to this principle include prestigious fellowships or lectureships at aspirational peer universities that would clearly advance a faculty member’s career or an invitation to teach in a graduate program for faculty in departments without graduate programs. It is expected that the host institution will be responsible for full salary and benefits. Leaves to teach at other institutions do not count as “teaching semesters” under the College’s leave policy.

Leaves to Consider Another Position

Requests for leaves to consider another position are not ordinarily approved. Exceptions are only approved at the discretion of the Dean of the College.

Unpaid Leave of Absence

Faculty members in good standing may request an unpaid leave of absence, especially to conduct research. Under normal circumstances, a faculty member may take no more than two semesters of unpaid leave during a five-year period. Exceptions are only permitted under special circumstances and must be approved by the Dean of the College.