Departmental Orientation

Forms and Documents

Resources for New Faculty

One of the most important functions that chairpersons, and all established faculty, have in the fall is welcoming new faculty into the department. See below for ways to facilitate a welcoming environment.  Departments should organize a formal orientation for all new faculty each year.

What to Include in Orientation

  • Introduction to the undergraduate and graduate curricula, with sample syllabi for selected courses;
  • Introduction to the CIF process;
  • The various duties of the office staff and other resource persons;
  • Introductions to colleagues in other departments who have related research interests;
  • An open discussion about short-term and long-term research goals as well as tenure expectations and the tenure process for junior faculty;
  • Assistance in facilitating access to non-academic resources, such as child care, medical care, or housing;
  • Information concerning research funding.

Additional Ways to Welcome New Faculty

  • Post photos of all new faculty (and new graduate students) in the lounge or mail area. This is especially important in large departments.
  • Arrange social occasions for new faculty to meet colleagues informally.
  • Take new faculty members to lunch.
  • Arrange lunches with other faculty from within and outside of the department who might serve as mentors or as important colleagues.
  • Compile, with your administrative assistant, a departmental orientation booklet for all new faculty that orients them to the procedures and policies of the department.
  • Provide opportunities through course assignments to build a clientele among the majors or graduate students.