Visiting Faculty Position at Notre Dame London

Author: Charlotte Parkyn

Invitation to Apply for a Visiting Faculty Position at Notre Dame London


Notre Dame Global is pleased to announce an opportunity to enable faculty from the College of Arts and Letters to apply to participate in the work of Notre Dame London, by teaching within the London undergraduate study abroad program for one semester during the academic year 2025-26, and by carrying out research activities aligned with the College’s and University’s strategic goals. (Please note that this is not our next academic year, but rather, for F25 or S26.)

We welcome applications from all regular faculty by June 4, 2024. The selection committee will review applications within six weeks of the submission deadline. Pertinent criteria for selection include: contributions to the undergraduate curriculum while in London; the benefit to faculty member’s research that being in London will have; the contribution to the College’s and University’s strategic goals while in London. Faculty will be expected to engage in good academic citizenship, including a commitment to participate in and support research events, as well as service to the Notre Dame London community as agreed with the leadership of Notre Dame London. Selected candidates will teach one course on the London Undergraduate Program, with the equivalent time of another course dedicated to research activities and supporting Notre Dame’s academic initiatives in the UK.

Notre Dame Global covers the cost of a roundtrip airfare for the faculty member and one family member; provides accommodation within Fischer Hall (near Trafalgar Square); and provides visa advice, as well as covering the cost of any visa that might be required. The faculty member continues to receive his or her regular salary and benefits. If the chosen applicant’s spouse is an employee of the university and wishes to be in London for the semester, it is the responsibility of the spouse to request appropriate arrangements with their department or unit, and the decision of the department or unit whether to approve them.

If interested in pursuing this opportunity at Notre Dame London, please provide the following:

  1. A cover letter that articulates your reason for applying to work in London, including:

    1. The advantages to teaching your course in London (site visits, cultural connections, guest speakers, London/European topics, etc.), and the unique opportunities for learning and research that your course will offer your students while they are studying abroad.
    2. Your plans to utilize the visit to advance your current research agenda (accessibility to archives/libraries, ability to interact with colleagues at local universities, cultural centers, etc.)
    3. How you will support the College’s and the University’s strategic goals.
    4. Please indicate your preferences (if any) for which of the two semesters you wish to be considered.
    5. Please also note that we are particularly keen to support applications that present a vision for how the applicant’s teaching and research in London can have strategic longevity, even beyond the semester in residence.
  2. One course description as described in the supporting documentation in this Visiting Faculty Application Information Page.

    1. Preference will be given to courses designed to satisfy a university requirement in the core curriculum.
    2. We are eager to consider proposals that incorporate a significant independent research project and experiential learning via site visits in London and environs to complement in-class learning.

Please see this page for more information on teaching in London.

  1. A proposal for organizing at least one academic initiative (eg conference, workshop, lectures, seminar series etc.) during your visit, that can advance your research goals and those of the College and University. The proposal(s) should be between 350-500 words. Please note that Notre Dame London will provide $3,000.00 in support of the successful applicant’s proposal; applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from appropriate sources on campus.

  1. A current CV.

  2. A statement of support from your department chair or institute director, granting permission for you to be away from campus for one semester, to be submitted directly to Vittorio Montemaggi (, Academic Director of Notre Dame London.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. Please contact Charlotte Parkyn ( with any questions you may have.

For those who wish to apply, all materials can be submitted here.