Spring Call for Faculty Committee Nominations

Author: Megan Fitz

Please send nominations for the open positions to Megan Fitz by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 12th. All nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to stand for election. Feel free to nominate yourself as well as others. We encourage self-nominations from members of underrepresented groups at the University.

College Council

2 at large regular faculty (one for Humanities and one for Social Sciences) and 2 TPAC faculty elected by the regular faculty. Reviews the policies, practices, and procedures of the Colleges and makes recommendations to the Dean on the establishment or discontinuance of any undergraduate program of study housed in the College.

Frequency of Meetings: Once a semester

Academic Council

3 T/TT faculty for a 3-year term, elected by T/TT faculty. Determines general academic policies and regulations of the University; approves major changes in the requirements for admission to and graduation from the colleges; authorizes the establishment, modification, or discontinuance of any academic organization of the University; and provides for review, amendment, and final interpretation of the academic articles. 

Frequency of Meetings: At least once per semester 

The Committee on Committees

2 regular faculty members - elected by regular faculty of the College of Arts and Letters to serve a 3-year term. The responsibility of the CoC is to advise the President, Provost, and other senior administrators on establishing new ad hoc committees versus referring to standing committees. See the Academic Articles, page 59 for more information.

Frequency of Meetings: Twice each semester

The Faculty Grievance Committee

1 T/TT faculty for a 3-year term, elected by T/TT faculty. Considers and investigates grievances (as defined by Article IV/Section 12) filed by faculty. 

Frequency of Meetings: Zoom Meetings as needed

Committee on Appeals

4 tenured faculty elected by T/TT faculty. This is a 3-year term. Considers appeals from members of the teaching and research faculty who have been denied reappointment, promotion, or promotion to tenure.

Frequency of Meetings: As needed

University Committee on Libraries

1 T/TT faculty from the division of the Social Sciences AND 1 T/TT faculty from the Arts. Reviews policies and practices relating to library resources and services.

Frequency of Meetings: Twice a semester

Faculty Senate

1 T/TT faculty member at large from each of the departments listed below.  

Humanities Social Sciences Arts
Africana Studies Anthropology Art, Art History, & Design
East Asian Languages & Cultures Psychology Film Television & Theatre
  Sociology Music
Frequency of Meetings: Twice a semester

University Committee on Research & Sponsored Programs

1 tenured faculty, elected by the T/TT faculty. This is a 3-year term. Formulates policies for sponsored research and sponsored educational programs; makes recommendations for the planning, establishment, and operation of interdisciplinary facilities for the conduct of sponsored research; serves as an avenue of communication among the administrative officers of the University and the members of the faculty and staff engaged in sponsored research and sponsored educational programs; and receives suggestions for future action. 

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

University Committee on Women Faculty & Students

1 T/TT faculty for a 3-year term, elected by T/TT faculty. Considers policies, practices, and general environment of the University as they relate to women faculty and students. The committee serves in an advisory capacity reporting to the President through the Provost.

Frequency of Meetings: Once every few months