Notify by Nov. 17: NHC Summer Residency

Author: Josh Aspen Tychonievich

The National Humanities Center Summer Residency Program (June 3 - June 28, 2024) provides dedicated time, space, and intellectual community for postdoctoral scholars in the humanities. During this residency at the NHC in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, scholars will be provided with housing, breakfast, daily lunch with other residents in the NHC Commons, 24/7 access to a study, and assistance from library staff. Given space constraints at the NHC, residents must be nominated by a sponsoring university, and the University of Notre Dame can only send a limited number of scholars.
Any tenure-line faculty interested in participating should notify Josh Aspen Tychonievich via email no later than Friday, November 17. ISLA will solicit proposals from faculty who express interest and manage the internal nomination process.