Complimentary Dining Hall Passes for Staff

Author: Office of Human Resources

Employees Eating In The Dining Hall

As you may recall, this past semester Human Resources provided staff members who were employed by a certain date with passes to the dining halls as a token of our appreciation. We received wonderful feedback in response to this program and thank all of you who took advantage of this opportunity to continue building community with your staff colleagues. We are thrilled to continue this initiative and provide staff with 2 dining hall meal credits this semester to be used at either North or South Dining Hall over the semester. The meal credits may be used anytime between February 5, 2024, and May 15, 2024, and will be loaded directly onto your Irish1Card. 

You can view your added credits and current balance on

Please note that these complimentary meals may be used at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but do not apply to “special meals” such as Candlelight Dinners or Holiday Meals. Dining hall operating hours may be found here. These meals are provided in appreciation of you and therefore are intended for your use only. 

For more information, contact the Irish1Card Office at or NDHR at