Summus Master Class: SUN AND SKIN


Location: Virtual

Speaker: Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical Center 

Talking points: Protecting your skin in the summer, how to prevent skin cancer, importance of SPF, causes of and treatments for skin cancer 

Dr. Shari Lipner

Dr. Shari Lipner is an Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology, Associate Attending Physician, and  Director of the Nail Division at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.  Dr. Lipner is board certified in Dermatology and has a wide range of clinical experience in the  diagnosis and management of skin disorders. She is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of  difficult rashes, eczema, skin disorders, and skin cancers. Dr. Lipner is a member of the  American Academy of Dermatology, Women’s Dermatologic Society, and Council for Nail  Disorders. She is also the Treasurer of The Dermatologic Society of Greater New York. She is  the recipient of multiple honors and awards including the AAD Academic Dermatology  Leadership Program Award, Women’s Dermatologic Society Mentorship Award, and the Weill  Cornell Leadership in Academic Medicine Program Award.

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